El-Dekheila Location Map

 Location Map
 Longitude 29° 52' 34.5252" East
 Latitude 31° 11' 36.9492" North
 ISPS Code 17350 code
 Zone Timing GMT +2
 Channel Code Channel 9, 11, 13, 16
 Approval Date 17/6/2004
 Natural Features
 WeatherWind direction north west with velocity in summer 2-3 on beaufort scale and 3-4 in winter
 Humidity 1.30
 Raining Seaon Winter
 Tide rate 0.46 m over the standard level
 Port Geoghraphical location

Dekheila port is a natural extension to Alexandria Port; constructions started in 1980 and the port operated partially in 1986 by operation of minerals berth. El-Dekheila port takes the place of the former Dekheila airport westward Alexandria port with 7 km. from sea and 10 km. from land

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 Geographical Devisioning

- A bay with high depths near the sea side, which lowers the decontamination coast. The north side is shallowed and includes some small islands serves in lowering the costs of breakwater when constructed.

- A sandy region, which saves debris and building costs.

- Easy linking to the local ways (desert road Alexandria/Egypt) & the railways.

- Port location is near to El-Dekhila steel complex, the free zone & the project of Electricity Generation of West Alexandria which saves transportation cost of needed raw material.